[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Snoring can be very frustrating for both the actual snorer and their loved one. But did you ever think that your teeth were the culprits of the snoring? It actually is true

Your tongue is connected to your lower jaw and whenever your jaw moves your tongue moves with it. If when you bite together, your teeth are positioned in such a way as to force your lower jaw back in order to get your teeth to fit together, and then every time you close your mouth your tongue is brought to the back of your throat.

If this occurs your teeth will extract to your lower jaw, which means that when you lay on your back at night your tongue will also be extracted. During that time when you try to inhale oxygen and your tongue is blocking your airway, your lungs will start to expand but instead of inhaling oxygen, your windpipe will collapse which will cause you to snore and probably will mean poor rest and fatigue for the next day.

If you do heavily snore speak with your doctor or Fresh Dental Smiles dentist, as they can provide advice and perhaps a remedy that can help rectify the situation.

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