We all know brushing your teeth; flossing and making regular visits to your dentist are essentials to keeping a great smile and having a healthy mouth.

What you put in your mouth, food wise can also affect the health of your teeth. It is pretty obvious that foods that contain a high amount of sugar such as candy and soda can contribute to tooth decay and other problems.

So instead of telling you about the foods you should stay away from, here is a short list of foods that help make your teeth healthy. You may be surprised with some that are on the list!

  • Cheese. Yes, cheese has positive benefits on your teeth. According to a recent study, when eating cheese you raise the amounts of pH in your mouth, which lowers the risk of tooth decay. This is because when chewing cheese you increase saliva in your mouth, which washes away bacteria and food particles. In addition, cheese contains calcium and protein, which strengthens the tooth enamel.
  • Apples. An apple a day may keep the doctor away. It also may keep the dentist away. While apples are sweet, it is one of those foods that contain high amounts of fiber and water. Like with cheese, eating apples is also a great source for producing saliva as well as act as a temporary toothbrush when you don’t have one nearby.
  • Almonds. Another great source of calcium, almonds can make your teeth strong. In addition, they are high in protein and low in sugar. Did we forget to mention that they are mighty tasty!

While there are plenty of other obvious food selections to choose from these and other great foods will not only help your overall health but also keep your teeth in great shape!

For additional healthy foods for your teeth make sure to speak with your Fresh Dental Smiles dentist or hygienist during your next visit. They would love to help!

Happy, healthy eating!

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