Do you have kids? Do they fight you every time you want them to brush their teeth? If so, you aren’t alone. Oral health at a young age is essential for long term overall oral health.

So what do you do to get your children more interested in brushing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a game and offer incentives. Kids love getting things. Why not offer to give them a toy or incentive every time they brush their teeth? Perhaps an extra hour of TV time or a new small toy from the toy store.
  • Get a fun toothbrush. All toothbrushes aren’t created equal. Today you can get a variety of great toothbrushes for your kids featuring their favorite characters. Whether it is Power Rangers or Disney they will be more likely to use a toothbrush with their favorite hero on it!
  • Lead by example. Does your child have a big brother or sister they look up too? If not why not have your child brush their teeth with you or your spouse. By seeing how great your teeth are maybe all the incentive you need to keep theirs looking great as well.

No matter what trick you use, always show appreciation and compliment them after they brush their teeth. It will make them feel good and more than likely have a better experience when they visit Fresh Dental Styles or their local dentist.

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